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This kit is to suit the Nissan patrol manual gearbox and fits zd30 bell housing. using the zd30 starter motor

This kit is actually the shortest adapter available on the market only measuring 29mm thick overall. It may not sound like much but every little bit of extra room counts. Our clutches have been tested and are rated at 1200nm.


The kit comes with the following:

  1. Main adapter plate
  2. Starter motor adapter either zd30 or td42
  3. Billet flywheel
  4. 1200nm clutch and pressure plate
  5. New spigot bearing
  6. New thrust bearing
  7. All the necessary bolts including flywheel to crank bolts.

This kit still requires the input shat to be cut by 11mm to ensure it fit corectly and doesnt fowl with the crankshaft.


Make sure your clutch slave cylinder is a 3/4 diameter (generaly off a GQ patrol) check yours first as it may allready be 3/4.

patrolapart have them

6bt to patrol manual gearbox adapter zd30

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